Career Success for Creative Introverts

Maximize your strengths as a creative introvert! This course will help you discover the right mindset to thrive as an introverted creative in your personal and work life.

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About the Course

Are you ready to master your introvert strengths? 

Do you find you need time to recharge after being sociable for long periods of time? Does spending time alone help to refuel your creativity? Do you find downtime productive? 

This new course from AIGA and Janice Chaka, an international HR professional, virtual business owner, introvert coach, and professional podcaster, can help you maximize your introvert strengths. 

Listening to ourselves to better understand and know what we need to succeed and thrive is important. Our mindset is an incredible asset that needs to be nurtured. This is especially true for creatives that identify as introverted and want to find a way to harness their skills and energy to set goals and boundaries, and create impact while maintaining a life balance.


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Career Success for Creative Introverts Open House

Meet Janice, a self-identified introvert and a global HR professional, coach, entrepreneur, and podcaster. She helps introverts build their brand, get hired, and advance their careers. Watch the open house to learn more about her experience, course subjects, and what to expect.

As an individual, learn to:

Online network effectively

Set boundaries

Overcome impostor syndrome

Work towards better life balance

Better manage your energy

Increase motivation

Increase presentation skills

Effectively negotiate

Learn to self promote

Build relationships

Work with different personalities

Set goals

Work with different cultures

Achieve your desired mindset

Work remotely

Create impact

Answer the question,what is productivity?

Better self management

As a manager, learn to:

Online network effectively

Learn to self promote

Overcome impostor syndrome

Support extroverts

Learn conflict resolution skills

Work with different cultures

Effective communication skills

Lead remotely

Better manage your energy

Set boundaries as a manager

Lead across departments

Work towards better life balance

Find your leadership style

Build relationships

Increase presentation skills

Set goals

Manage difficult conversations

Achieve your desired mindset

Create an impact

    Learn On-Demand / Passive Learner
    A 12-part video series which will help you discover the skills needed to thrive in any environment, while still having plenty of energy at the end of your work day. A video will be released each month, giving you the chance to digest the information at your own pace.

    Topics covered in this program include:

    • Energy management: how to maintain your energy throughout the day while being productive
    • Self management: a routine to help schedule and practice self-care throughout the day
    • Impostor syndrome: how to move past the feeling of self-doubt to accomplish your goals
    • Self promotion: how to share your success in a way that works for you

    Individual Pricing
    AIGA Member: $249 
    Nonmember: $449

    People Manager Pricing
    AIGA Member: $349
    Nonmember: $549

    We know that design careers expand beyond traditional design skills. This custom developed learning opportunity will help designers and creative professionals to nurture the skills needed to advance their careers and achieve a better life balance. 

    This series will help introverted creatives:

    • Find their leadership style
    • Lead across departments
    • Navigate difficult conversations
    • Manage conflict resolution


    Group Meetings / Active Learner
    Connect with people who have already succeeded as introverted creatives, ask questions, and learn the best ways to use the information you’ve learned so far!

    In the active learner series, you’ll have access to the 12-part video series and: 

    • 12 live monthly events where we’ll take a deeper dive on the topics to learn how to maximize the content and find the most efficient methods for you
    • Access to interviews with fellow introverted creatives, to hear how they built their careers, and what you can apply to yourself and your unique situation
    • Connect with the community, talk, learn, listen and share stories, to help each other grow and expand on the learning

    Individual Pricing
    AIGA Member: $599  ($529 Early rate through June 30, 2022)
    Nonmember: $799 ($729 Early rate through June 30, 2022)

    People Manager Pricing
    AIGA Member: $699 ($629 Early rate through June 30, 2022)
    Nonmember: $899 ($829 Early rate through June 30, 2022)

    Mentoring / Personalized Coaching
    Gain access to exclusive and highly-valuable coaching sessions with an expert who will answer your questions and offer advice to make you your best self!

    In the mentoring and personalized coaching series, you’ll have access to the 12-part video series and:  

    • A one-of-a-kind, face time coaching sessions where you’ll be talking to someone who has been in your shoes, someone that knows what it’s like to be an introverted creative
    • Someone who achieved their goals, and who can help you achieve your goals
    • You’ll also have an accountability partner, someone who wants to achieve a similar goal, someone who will hold you accountable, and make sure you’re working towards your goals

    Individual Pricing
    AIGA Member: $1399  ($1299 Early rate through June 30, 2022)
    Nonmember: $1599 ($1499 Early rate through June 30, 2022)

    People Manager Pricing
    AIGA Member: $1499 ($1399 Early rate through June 30, 2022)
    Nonmember: $1699 ($1599 Early rate through June 30, 2022)


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